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About Us

Over 20 years of humanitarianism across the Frontier

Since our founding back in 2711, the Frontier Corps has worked to build rapport between communities within the Frontier. When the blackout hit, we were there to help support families move into the Outlands. Since then, we've aimed to encourage social, medical, and economic development for all citizens no matter their background or history.

As a non-profit unassociated with the treaty and the Mercenary Syndicate, we rely heavily on public funding and volunteer support. We know that since its discovery, the Frontier has been defined by war. Those who fought often did so seeing no other options, and leaders who said they would protect us have since disappeared. It's impossible to define who was right or wrong, as nobody is perfectly clean of responsibility. That's why the Frontier Corps aim to unite the Frontier together, move past our war-torn past, and move on towards a greater future.

For those interested in supporting our cause, please consider donating or offering your time through volunteering or by attending one of our occasional training seminars.